1750 ton öztaşıt ve günlük 5000 ton taşıma kapasitesine sahip firmamız, yurtiçi karayolu taşımacılığının yanı sıra Türk Şeker Fabrikalarının en yüksek kapasiteli 3 büyük firmasından biridir


Our company founded by Aziz Kemal HOŞCAN in 1941 has adopted an understanding of confidence, stability and absolute customer satisfaction as a principle. Our company had provided service for its customers through DDY (state railways) wagon-linked transportation and vehicles with a transportation capacity of 3-4 tons until 1960s on which highway networks had not become widespread yet and transport sector had not become widespread in our country. With the development of the automotive industry in Turkey, it has added vehicles with a transportation capacity of 5-10 tons and expanded its business by turning to interurban road transport.

We, as Hoşcan logistics, have always been glad to be at the fore. Our company being named as Hoşçan Transport Trade and Ind. Ltd. by institutionalizing in 1991 has led its sector regarding many issues such as use of the information technology sector, insured transport and consultancy in the development process extending from railway transport to road transport. Title of our company has changed to Hoşcan Logistics Food Industry and Trade Co. Ltd in 2006. Its corporateness level raised in accordance with the strategic growth targets at the end of 2010 and it changed to HOSCAN Logistics Food Industry and Trade Inc. by changing its partnership and capital structure, and its capital rose to 3,600,000 TL.

Our company has provided its customers with service in the fields of bulk sugar supply and consultancy as dealership of Turkey Sugar factory Inc., as well as all logistics services such as transportation, storage, handling, through self-owned and contractual vehicles, logistics center with its own equity, branches and representative offices in many provinces, technological equipment and more than 200 experienced, well-trained and gracious staff.






Hoşcan Lojistik

Hoşcan Lojistik

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